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SID Soldering Iron Driver

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Firmware is written using MPLAB X and C18 from Microchip

In order to download the project source:

svn co arhimed-sid

Or import the source directly from MPLAB X using Team option

This project started while back as a driver for cheap HAKKO handpiece to replace broken HAKKO driver and provide second soldering station for my workspace. Then I wanted to make it better and started a worklog on Dangerous Prototypes forum. You can check out the worklog here. The discussion on DangerousPrototypes forum is still active, and on the hardware side DangerousPrototypes created their own version of the PCB that is 100% trough hole (mine version is mixed trough hole and smd).

Apart from the project being logged on DP forum, I posted few blog posts on my own blog about the project and related stuff.

(Project has two names (soldering iron driver and soldering iron controller) as I used both during development, so both SID and SIC are correct)

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